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We have proven our talent and strength in perfect removals over the years with a wide variety of services. We will let you have complete peace of mind throughout the entire moving process while we carry the weight of your work.

Why us?

We know how stressful you can be during a removal. That’s why we provide you with a friendly and passionate team committed to giving you a great experience throughout the whole moving process.

Fast Moving Service

We are responsible for moving your valuable goods to your destination safely and quickly. No matter how long the distance is or how small or big your package is, we take care of your goods and securely move them. You can always keep track of your belongings during the process.

Secure Checklist

Moving your home or office to another place is not just a normal thing you do in your day-to-day life. So, don’t take the risk of missing anything. We guarantee you a perfect shift from the beginning to the end without missing anything.

Heavy Furniture

We are here with trustworthy and cautious men who have experience in the art of moving heavy furniture. It is essential to know some special tips to lift and move heavy furniture from one place to another. Luckily, our team is well aware of that. We remove and rearrange your heavy items according to your requirement.

Office and House Recycling

When you don’t need something, that doesn’t mean you have nothing to do with it. You will find many white goods and furniture which you don’t like to see in your new place, and heaps of objects you need to get rid of quickly. Let us manage that situation for you. We send them to the relevant recycling centers or charities.


As a leading removal services company in the industry, we have earned love and trust for our diligent services from our valued clients over the past 10 years. Our high-quality services are spread throughout the London and around the London border ( London to all UK & all UK to London).

We understand, respect, and care for each of our customers. That’s why we provide friendly and cost-effective services to give you a stress-free removal. Our passionate and reliable workforce covers all that needs to be done during your move.


“To facilitate a one-stop-shop for all your moving needs and deliver the best moving experience.”

We know how complicated a removal is, and our goal is to make it as simple as possible. Once you hire us, we accompany you to your new address assisting you with each step.


As a commercial removal company, our philosophy aims to use expertise and team spirit in providing high-quality moving services with the highest customer satisfaction.

When you give your house or office removal job to an external company, there is a lot to consider, including reliability, affordability, quality, and many more. We, at Onell, understand how valuable all your belongings are, and we maintain high ethical standards and respect your confidentiality and privacy in every possible way. Our overall philosophy of work directs us to do the best for you by providing 100% attention and support in your removal.

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